Top Diesel Repair and Maintenance Tips

//Top Diesel Repair and Maintenance Tips

Top Diesel Repair and Maintenance Tips

These 5 repair and maintenance tips if wisely handled is sure to give your diesel engine more years of service:

Regular Oil Change

Gas and diesel engines are engineered very differently; being careless about the maintenance and oil change in a gas engine will leave you with a weak and low-performing engine, but with a diesel engine , it will result in something much worse – a dead engine.

Regular oil change will lower the rate of wear in your engine, giving you more service time than was speculated. It is recommended to change the oil every 7500 miles.

Top Diesel Repair And Maintenance Tips


Fuel Filter Checks and Change

It’s no use to your engine if the fuel filter isn’t functioning as they’re supposed to. You should, therefore, carry out regular checks on your fuel filters and have them changed when the accumulated dirt is above the limit. Most diesel vehicles have two fuel filters – the primary and secondary fuel filters and both should be changed at the same time every 7500 miles, same time as you change the oil.

Air Filter Change

Air is as important as the fuel ( diesel ) your vehicle relies on. Clogged air filters will cause your engine to consume more fuel. A dirty air filter also means dirty air, and when dirt finds its way into your engine, severe damage to your engine can occur, quicker than you expect.

Your air filters have to be closely monitored and depending on the climate you reside in, more frequent change than the standard 15000 – 30000 miles interval might be necessary.


Keep an eye on your Coolant

Top Diesel Repair And Maintenance Tips

Diesel engines generate enormous amounts of heat as they work and cooling system ensure that this heat doesn’t remain in the engine; if they do, the consequences could be catastrophic.

A very important component in a diesel engine cooling system is the coolant. It plays a key role in cooling an engine and have to be regularly changed for best performance. Neglecting to change the coolant will cause it to corrode other engine parts; coolant fluid becomes acidic over time.


Occasionally Clean the Engine

It’s probably never crossed the minds of some drivers that their engines need to be clean always. As time progresses, and with each use, your engine gets dirty.

Allowing the build-up of dirt, grease, sludge, and grime will cause fluids like water, coolant, and air to be easily polluted. And seeing that these fluids operate in the engine, will result in your vehicle malfunctioning (if you’re very lucky), or serious engine damage.


Auto Diesel Repair and Maintenance Services in Phoenix

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