How To Revamp Your Diesel Engine with Diesel Engine Upgrades

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How To Revamp Your Diesel Engine with Diesel Engine Upgrades

Diesel engines are durable and a popular choice for many heavy-duty applications. They produce more torque. And the more torque, the more work the engine can do. This makes them most suitable for transporting heavy loads, construction, and agriculture even better than gasoline engines. Buying a diesel vehicle is a long-term investment that will yield a huge return in the future if you properly maintain it.

Regardless of this in-built ability to perform heavy tasks, you can make your engine even far more effective than the manufacturers built it to be. This will mean improved performance, cost-effective ratio, and longevity of your truck. With these extra bonuses, be ready to be more productive in your business. Your engine will work better if upgraded. We have listed some benefits to help you understand why you need to upgrade your diesel engine .

Let’s usher them in! 

Types of Diesel Engine Upgrades 

What are the types of diesel engine upgrades and how does it affect your diesel engine?

1. Tuning and remapping

Remapping is the easiest way to tap into the unused energy of your truck. They link a laptop to your truck’s ECU (engine control unit) and load it with new software to change key parameters. A remap will ensure your engine gets enough fuel and functions efficiently. Tuning links your truck ECU and fuel injectors, then fools your ECU that your engine needs more fuel. With tuning, you can drive your truck in fuel economy mode, and sport mode with switchable maps.

2. Exhaust upgrades

The factory exhaust on your truck uses a small-diameter pipe combined with some odd bends and pinches, which makes it difficult for your diesel engine to push out the exhaust gasses easily and fast. Upgrade to a high-flow exhaust system. It makes your engine sound better, improves breathing, and supports improved horsepower and torque. It also maintains a low exhaust gas temperature and improves the overall performance of your diesel engine.

3. Cold air intakes

Air intake upgrade will enable your vehicle air intake system to push more fuel, burning oxygen into your engine. And increasing the horsepower. The upgrade will also help pump cooler air into the engine. With cooler air, your engine produces less heat and burns less fuel.

On the other hand, it ensures your diesel engine receives a steady level of filtration by blocking dust and debris from your turbocharger, making way for that cool air. Without an air intake upgrade, your diesel engine is doomed to lose power because of lack of airflow.

4. Fuel system upgrades

Once you upgrade your exhaust and air intake system, your truck will consume more fuel. You need to upgrade your fuel system particularly, your fuel pump and injectors for better performance. The factory injectors usually minimize fuel and don’t power the engine efficiently. Upgrade to a high-flow injector. Change your fuel pump to meet the demands of the new injectors and boost your engine performance.

5. Turbochargers and superchargers

A turbocharger and supercharger use a turbine to force air into the engine and increase performance through a process called force induction (air is forced into the engine, making it run more efficiently and making more power). With a turbo upgrade, your diesel engines would outperform similar-sized diesel engines in terms of torque and power. The diesel engine generates more torque, making it suitable for carrying big loads. Upgrading the turbocharger will increase your engine power by 30 to 40 percent. In case your diesel engine doesn’t have a turbocharger, consider getting one to improve the efficiency of your truck. A diesel service company will handle this task perfectly. 

Benefits of Upgrading Your Diesel Engine

1. Improved engine performance

An upgraded diesel engine means an upgraded performance. It’s almost like enjoying some premium service exclusive for upgraded versions. Upgrading your diesel engine will increase your vehicle’s general performance.

2. Increased horsepower and torque

Your truck could have enough energy stored inside. To tap into that, a few upgrades will do the trick and bring out the full potential of your truck. Upgrading your diesel engine will increase the horsepower and torque of your engine, providing better towing capacity and increasing your speed.

3. Increased durability and reliability

Diesel engine upgrades make your truck more durable. Drive without being scared of a truck breaking down on the road. Apart from increasing your engine performance, a diesel engine upgrade will make your engine last longer and work better. How does upgrading your engine affect your truck’s durability?

  • Reduced engine wear and tear

Normally, the primary reason for the performance dwindling of a diesel engine is wear and tear. But with a proper engine upgrade, the rate at which wear and tear occurs will be reduced. Your engine will hardly break down.

  • Longer lifespan for engine

Diesel engines, when compared to gasoline engines, last longer. If you keep your truck running for years without a major breakdown or total engine collapse, upgrading your engine will add more years than it already has. It will help your engine last for a longer period.

4. Enhanced fuel economy

The cost of fuel is increasing as the day goes by. Upgrading your diesel engine will increase your diesel fuel economy. An upgrade to your exhaust system will make your engine use fuel efficiently. Fuel can be conserved when it is affected by pressure. Pressure will increase the efficiency of diesel and air mixing in the engine. When you compare the cost of fuel and upgrading your diesel engine, you will discover how much you have lost in a short while

4. Cost savings

Who doesn’t want to save costs? n If your vehicle starts to consume more than it should take, or breaks down after every job, that will be more costly for you.

Upgrading your diesel engine will help to minimize maintenance costs. The cost of fuel, s well as maintenance cost  will reduce 

This upgrade leaves your engine ever-new. This means don’t plan to use your truck for high resale value.

5. Environment benefits

Are you eco-friendly? Then this is for you. The emission from your exhaust is harmful to the environment. It contributes to global warming and reduces the quality of air. An upgrade will increase air quality by reducing matter emissions and will meet up with environmental regulations and reduce the carbon footprint of your truck. 

6. Customized appearance

The feeling of driving a truck that is different from others makes you love driving your truck. With a few engine upgrades; like the exhaust, you can make your truck unique and feel like your own. Employ a diesel engine service company for a total upgrade of your diesel engine.

Choose the Right Upgrade for Your Diesel Engine

Choosing the right upgrade for your diesel engine would be a laborious task since you are not a professional. Leave it to the experts. After knowing what you want, they can help you go for the best tailored to your needs. 

Are you ready to upgrade your diesel engine? Phoenix Diesel Repair has 25 years of experience in diesel service . Our technicians are here to help you choose the right upgrades for your specific need and ensure your diesel engine is running at its best. Reach out to us.

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