Diesel Maintenance For College Students?

//Diesel Maintenance For College Students?

Diesel Maintenance For College Students?

Well, college is starting soon so that means you’re probably moving out soon. And With major things such as student loans, exams, and possibly even rent, the last thing any student should have to worry about is going through the troubles of fixing their diesel vehicle . Not only is it an inconvenience to you and your day but your wallet.

You should always have a good checklist to go over before you leave to help ensure that no issues are encountered down the road. Some smaller things to check would include windshield wipers not leaving streaks, and windshield wiper fluid. These are just some of the smaller inconveniences that could help save some stress and money down the road.

Some bigger things to look over on the checklist would include tires and brakes. Having a tire go out on you out of nowhere would probably be the most annoying thing to deal with. you can avoid this by making sure that the tires have appropriate tread left and air pressure can help improve and expand the life of your tires. Another thing that you wouldn’t want going out on you would be your brakes! Your brakes are important for your vehicle safety and yours, and shouldn’t ever be within 2-3 mm in thickness. A brand new brake pad typically starts at 12 mm thick. Some signs that it’s time to replace them would be squeaking or vibrations upon breaking. None of which are enjoyable!

The last thing to do on your own would be flush the engine oil and change the filter. Running on extremely low oil isn’t healthy for your truck, it only puts more stress on your engine leaving you with a bigger repair cost or even a blown motor. Not only will this save you money but help ensure the engines life as well leaving you stress-free down the road!

The last thing that you should have done is have the professionals at Phoenix diesel repair thoroughly go over and inspect your vehicle. Having a professional mechanic who deals with diesel parts on the daily look over your vehicle can help you made your day! Our professionals will be able to examine your gaskets, belts, hoses, fuel injectors, and much more letting you know what should be addressed. Drive with the peace of mind up to college knowing your vehicle is ready for the year. Feel free to contact us at 602-888-2544 with any of your diesel engine needs or questions!

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