Brake Failure Warning Signs: 7 Things Every Driver Should Know

//Brake Failure Warning Signs: 7 Things Every Driver Should Know

Brake Failure Warning Signs: 7 Things Every Driver Should Know

Your vehicle brake is one critical element of your car. It enables you to stop your vehicle. Without your brakes, you won’t be able to stop your vehicle once it’s on the move. That sounds like a disaster to me. A faulty brake also means disaster. The best way to combat brake failure is to prevent it. And the best way to prevent it is by watching out for brake failure warning signs.

Without further ado, we’ll show you a few signs that mean your brake is about to get to the fritz. 

Let’s drive!

1. Brake pedal feels spongy or soft

When you apply your brakes on your diesel engine , do you feel some resistance? If no, then something isn’t right. In fact, your pedal shouldn’t go all the way down to the floorboard. If it does, then you need to get your brakes fixed ASAP by the diesel engine professionals. It could mean there’s air or moisture in the braking system. That means the hydraulic system (a major part of your braking system) is faulty. 

2. Unusual noises when applying the brakes

Another brake failure warning sign is that your diesel vehicle will begin to make some disturbing noice when you apply the brake. Drivers are always wary of strange noises coming from their car. It’s not usually a good sign. But when it comes to hearing unusual noises when you apply your brakes, it could not always be a warning noise. It might just be that a foreign object, maybe debris, is lodged in your brakes. 

It could also be a cry from your brake-pad wear indicator. The indicator comes in contact with your rotor when you apply the brake. This is where the screeching noise comes from. Once you begin to hear this noise often when you brake, then it’s time to change your brake pad. Delaying can cause further damage and more cost. The good news here is that changing brake pads are pretty cheaper than other types of brake repair you can do.

3. Brake warning light on the dashboard

Pretty obvious sign. It’s the clearest sign of a problem in your braking system. Most modern vehicles usually have two warning lights that appear on the dashboard now. One for your Antilock Braking System (ABS) and the other which is for the actual braking system. 

If it’s the ABS warning light that keeps signaling you, then take your diesel engine to the diesel engine mechanics. Get your brakes checked. 

However, when it comes to brake lights, it can appear even without any problem in the system. This is when your parking brake is engaged. To be sure, you should release your parking brake and see if the alert goes away. If it doesn’t. Then your diesel vehicle is crying for help. 

The fact that your brake light won’t always come up when there’s an issue with the brake system is noteworthy. You don’t have to wait for a light on your dashboard before knowing that your brake is faulty. Never ignore the brake light. It’s a crucial safety indicator. 

4. Vehicle pulling to one side when braking

Do you notice a pulling sensation to one side when braking? While there are a lot of reasons why this could be, it is one of those brake failure warning signs. It is either your brake hose is faulty, uneven brake pad wear, or it’s a caliper issue. If this happens, one brake may work and the other won’t. This creates an imbalance when you brake, and your vehicle will tilt towards the direction of the side that is still working. It’s cautious to address this issue promptly to ensure you maintain vehicle control when braking. If you are experiencing pulling to one side when braking, have your brakes inspected by a mechanic. 

5.Vibrations or pulsations in the brake pedal or steering wheel

Its also a good brake failure sign if your steering wheel or brake pedals vibrate when you brake. It could be a sign of warped rotors. Rotors play a significant role during braking. When you hit the brake, the brake pad squeezes the rotor. This causes the vehicle to come to a halt. They are large silver discs that sit behind your wheel or rim. 

Overtime, these rotors begin to wear and turn uneven. Thanks to friction. It can cause the rotors to warp. Uneven rotors can interfere in the braking process. This interference is noticed through the vibrations you feel as you brake. The situation gets worse if ignored as the rotor wears off the more. The best response to this problem is to take your vehicle to the diesel engine experts for inspection. During brake servicing, the diesel engine professionals smoothen the surface of the face of the rotor. If the damage is beyond smoothening, then they need to replace it. 

6. Brake pedal becomes hard to press

While soft brakes are caveats, when the brakes are too hard, that’s another caveat. This could mean you have a problem with your brake booster–which assists in the application of brake force. With a faulty brake booster, your vehicle won’t get sufficient pressure on the brake pedal. This translates to a longer stopping distance. Have your brake inspected if you are experiencing this. 

7. Burning smell coming from the wheels

A burning smell coming from your wheels and brakes is a bad sign. It means your brake is overheating. When you perceive such a whiff, the safest thing to do is to pull over immediately. Any smoke coming from your wheel? Then chances are that your brake caliper is on the fritz. Make sure you don’t drive the vehicle again till the mechanics inspect. It’s better you experience whatever discomfort is there to leave the vehicle there than to experience a brake failure while driving. 

Experiencing Brake Problems?

The doctors will agree with me on this one–prevention is better than cure. Fixing brake problems is far more a better experience than experiencing brake failure. Trust me, you don’t want to be there. The best way to avoid such a frightening experience is to take proper care of your car. Take every brake failure warning sign seriously. And stay religious to regular preventive measures. 

Here at Phoenix Diesel Repair, we deal with every light and medium duty diesel engine. We will help you keep your diesel engine in its possible best shape. Our technicians are certified. We use a factory scanner to locate any car problem your vehicle is experiencing even before you start noticing any signs. Let’s help you avoid possible brake failures. Reach out to us today. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

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