4 Small Steps to Mastering Diesel Engine Maintenance

//4 Small Steps to Mastering Diesel Engine Maintenance

4 Small Steps to Mastering Diesel Engine Maintenance

Diesel as a fuel is efficient and contains more usable energy. Due to their high compression rating, they generate more power. So, it goes without saying that Diesel engines are better in comparison to gas engines. However, they still need to be maintained.

You may want to employ the services of a professional automotive technician or a mechanic . That is very good. But if your’e a hands on person, there are tips you can use to maintain your diesel engine like a pro. These tips are quite easy and would save you some money. What is more, it helps increase the longevity of your vehicle.

Flush the Radiator

One very important aspect of every vehicle especially a diesel engine is the cooling system. Drain and replace the coolant regularly.  Flushing the system is important to remove deposites that accumulate over a while. Antifreeze is important for the radiator to function properly, so be on the lookout for antifreeze leaks. To prevent overheating, keep a regular watch on the temperature guage on your dash board and pull over if you notice the temperature limit has been exceeded.

Use the Proper Oil Filter

This is very essential. Particles made of sulfur and carbon residue are created when diesel is not completely burned up during combustion. These particles can get into the engine oil. When this happens the particles wear down engine parts due to abrasion and also damage bearings and precision parts of the engine.

Using a proper oil filter accomplishes the following for you car engine

  • Ensures that the oil transferred through the engine is of good quality
  • It prevents failing of engine parts
  • It maintains the efficiency and health of the diesel engine.

Glow Plug Inspection

Glow plugs are the spark plugs of diesel engines. Glow plugs are very essential to diesel engines and they serve the following purposes

  • Providing heat that the engine compresses to ignite air/fuel mix
  • Warms the engine to produce the necessary heat to get the car started

Glow plugs need to be maintained.  You can monitor them for corrosion. They could also be cleaned by simply removing with and spraying thoroughly with break parts cleaner then air drying. This removes loose carbon deposits from the plugs.

Gasket Inspections

The gasket is a very essential part of a diesel engine.  A lot of pressure is put on the gaskets because they work under harsh conditions. There are two ways you can maintain them.

  • Check for gasket leaks
  • Ensure that the mounting bolts are tight to avoid engine oil leaks

These are just some ways you could care for your diesel engines. Proper maintainance is also essential for the workability of your diesel engine. If your’e having a problem with your car and you would like for it to be repaired or serviced by a professional, give us a call at 602-888-2544. We would be happy to offer our services to you. Our aim is delvering excellent professional services to our customers                       

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