Top 4 Ways You Can Upgrade Your Diesel Engine

//Top 4 Ways You Can Upgrade Your Diesel Engine

Top 4 Ways You Can Upgrade Your Diesel Engine

4 Top Diesel Upgrade Systems

It is no longer news that diesel powered vehicle are more reliable and economical. They owe this to the higher compressive rate which enables them use less power to generate more fuel. It doesn’t cost too much to maintain them and they last longer too. Diesel engines even have lower fire hazard and greater torque.

What is more, they allow you to make fantastic upgrades. What are some of the upgrades you can make for your diesel trucks? Why make Diesel upgrades? Let’s see 4 top Diesel upgrade systems and what they can do for your truck.

1. Use of Performance Chip

Sometimes, you just wish your truck could tell you what the problem is. But that’ll never happen. So much time is spent trying to figure out what the problem is. If only there was something that could help you troubleshoot effectively.

If you install a performance chip, you can access a whole lot of data. You’ll easily be able to make adjustments to increase the efficiency of your truck. You can adjust the setting to suit the goal you wanna achieve. You can read output from a monitor, and what is more, they are incredibly easy to install.

2. Use of Turbochargers

Turbochargers will absolutely increase the power of your engine . This is how it works; it forces air into the engine . The turbocharger has a turbine. Exhaust gases are force fed into this turbine. From the turbine, it is pushed through the compressor and it leaves through the intercooler. This increase in airflow maximizes the performance of the engine.

Similar to this is the supercharger. They also make use of exhaust gases. But their energy source is the crank shaft. Though very efficient, they are not very common with diesel engines.

3. Installing a Cold Air Intake Kit

Now this would seriously upgrade your diesel engines. For compression to occur in a diesel engine , there has to be a mixture of fuel and air. More air means more performance. Now, the factory setting has a limitation that is the baffle. Although it’s a solid baffle, it limits intake of air. If this baffle is removed, it means more air intake to mix with the fuel. Also replacing the factory’s air filter with a synthetic fibre also makes room for intake of more air.

The whole is to get air in large quantities from optimal places. Installing a cold air intake kit does this for you. Instead of just limiting the air source to the radiator and surrender, this upgrade allows intake of air from outside the engine housing. With this upgrade power efficiency is increased by about 30%.

4. Upgrading the Exhaust System

Instead of just releasing post combustion gases and reducing engine heat, a upgrade exhaust system will improve the overall performance of your engine. It will increase it’s torque and horsepower. And, if you are into aggressive sounds, it will do that for you. It’s pretty easy to install. All you need are some hand tools to bolt it to your truck.

If you have any questions about diesel upgrades, contact us at Phoenix Diesel and repairs. We’ll be glad to be of assistance to you.

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