Tips to maintain your diesel engine like a pro

//Tips to maintain your diesel engine like a pro

Tips to maintain your diesel engine like a pro

Unlike their gasoline counterparts, diesel engines are made to deliver high power while maintaining significant mpg (miles per gallon). Diesel engines may be different from each other but they have somethings in common. One of those things is their need for regular maintenance.

It’s possible to use your diesel powered vehicle for an extended period of time without a visit to the mechanic. Regular maintenance is the key. It keeps your engine running smoothly, optimally and sharp. Regularly practicing these tips on your diesel engine ensures it never spring surprises up at you.

Inspect your Gasket

The conditions in under the hood of your vehicle are very harsh even for a machinery. It’s under these conditions your gaskets operate. Your gaskets endure a lot of pressure while your vehicle is in operation. This is why you should regularly inspect your gaskets. Confirm that all the bolts are in place, and none is out of place. Lose bolts will result in gasket leaks. You should also check for leaks even if all the mounting bolts are tight and secure. If you notice leaks around your gasket, bring it in for a more detailed inspection. You just may have nipped a real problem in the bud.

Ensure You use OEM Air and Oil Filters

The purpose of air and oil filters is to separate dirt from oil and air need for combustion. If improper filters are employed for this use, it’ll result in the incomplete combustion of fuel. Your engine will give off smoke. When debris passes through your filter to your oil, it can lead to poor lubrication. Poor lubrication means your engine generates more heat. It’s worth noting that, debris in the air and oil doesn’t have to be visible to your eye, using filters that are not manufacturer approved will not properly filter the impurities. During your routine maintenance, check your filters. If they are clogged with residue, it may be time to change them.

Regularly Flush Your Radiator and Coolant

The cooling system of a diesel engine is of critical importance. A diesel engine generates more heat than gasoline engines, for this reason, you must ensure your cooling system must never fail or its performance depreciate. One way to make sure is to perform routine coolant and radiator flush. Coolant or antifreeze fluid can get corrosive after an extended period of time. Flushing it and replacing with manufacturer approved fluid keeps your cooling system at its optimal performance. Flushing also guarantees impurities aren’t circulated in your cooling system – impurities significantly lower the performance of your cooling system.

Inspect the Glow Plugs

The spark plug equivalent of diesel engines is the glow plug. The function of the glow plug is to warm the air. The engine takes over by compressing air, warming it further to ignition temperature which burns the mixture of oil and fuel. If you notice your engine doesn’t start up on the first try, it’s likely because your glow plugs have corroded and unable to warm the air in your engine for combustion. Regularly inspect your glow plugs for any corrosion.

If your notice any anomaly in the way your engine performs or responds to you, bring it in for examination in Phoenix Diesel Repair . Our team of technicians is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.

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