How to Prevent Your RV From Breaking Down On the Road

//How to Prevent Your RV From Breaking Down On the Road

How to Prevent Your RV From Breaking Down On the Road

How to Prevent RV Breakdowns on the Go

I love going on road trips. I own an RV I go on trips with. Something scary happened to me once. I was on a road trip and it got late, I was looking for the nearest camp or even a hotel to spend the night and in the middle of a lonely road with forests flanking the sides, my RV broke down.

The horror!

I got frantic and in that state, it iz hard to think straight. It was a very minor issue but I couldn’t get myself to calmly troubleshoot. It took me some time, but I fixed it and went on my way.

How To Prevent Your RV From Breaking Down On The Road

RV’s breakdown too. But to avoid incessant breakdowns, they have to be maintained properly. It’s important to remember not to panic. Just be calm and think. Here are a few ways you can get out the situation if your RV breaks down on the go.

How to Prevent Breakdown

The best way to solve a problem is by preventing it so you’d not have to deal with it in the first place. That been said. Before you go on a road trip with your RV, there things you should do to ensure a smooth trip.

  • Maintain the generator
  • Regularly change the oil and filter not just before going on a trip
  • Replace air filters
  • Ensure the brake pads are in order and well oiled
  • Ensure the tires are not flat
  • Make sure to have a good spare tire
  • Study your manual for other recommendations

Before going on a trip, ensure you tick all the boxes. If you’re able to do what has been listed, you should be alright. On that road trip my RV broke down, I realized its been so long since I last changed the oil in the vehicle. So it caused some minor complications. Thankfully I always have oil with me in the trunk.

Also make sure you check other facilities in the vehicle. Like the toilet, the sink, generator and the seals. Check basically anything that could break down on the go. Check your tires properly to ensure that the lug nuts are tightened well.

What You Can Do if Breakdown Occurs?

You may go through all these preventive measures and you’ll still experience a breakdown. Some times you could experience leaks, overheating, smoke or even odd smells. If you do calmly get to a safe side of the road and see what the problem is. Before inspecting the source of the problem, put out cones to prevent other vehicles from running into you.

If you’re able to troubleshoot then do so, if it’s something you can fix and you have a tool box, then go ahead. But remember to be cautious because you’re packed by the road, so ensure you put out signs indicating you plight and presence.

What if You Can’t Repair it?

Well, if you cannot then call it in. To do this, you have to know the number of a trusted auto repair professional or agency. This could be your only option sometimes. So get contacts. If you’re location is out of the way, consider calling a towing company to help you.

If you have more concerns, contact us at Phoenix Diesel Engine Repair.

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