How to Avoid Some Semi Truck Problems

//How to Avoid Some Semi Truck Problems

How to Avoid Some Semi Truck Problems

Common Semi Truck Problems and How to Avoid Them

Semi trucks are very important. They also break down a lot. You may wonder why that is. Well it’s because of the amount of work they do and how often they are on the road. Hold on,  before you hate on semi trucks, let me share with you two interesting facts

  1. If trucks don’t work for 24 hours, hospitals will run out of food.
  2. If trucks make no supplies for 72 hours, stores will run out of supplies.

You see their importance now, don’t you?  Now let’s identify 3 mains causes for their frequent breakdowns and how you can manage it. Bear in mind that an hour a truck is parked is an hour of no profit made. So if it breaks down for a whole day, the truck owners must have incurred quite some losses. Let’s see the causes for break down .

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Electrical Reasons

From your truck’s battery to the alternator to the starter motor is dependent on electrical system of your truck. A lot of other fixtures like your thermostat, your air conditioning, ignition, radio, lights and starter all make use of electricity.

You should avoid putting too much load on the electrical system of your truck. Don’t make it a habit to create unnecessary comfort that weighs the system down. Know how to conserve power. For instance, you could try using LED lights as they are power conservative. After all you still get your lights only they do suck all the power.

Avoid electrical faults as much as you can. They take a long time to be identified and some time to fix. The last thing you want is developing an electrical fault on the go.

The Truck’s Brakes

You cannot avoid wear in brakes. They are almost always in use. This corrosion is worse when the truck is on the go for very long periods of time. The pressure on the brakes, the heat and the friction it undergoes contribute to it’s wear and subsequent damage. Also the water lines of the brakes may get clogged because of contamination.

Before you go on a supply, check the brakes ensure it’s in good working condition. You don’t want to develop a fault in your trucks brakes on the highway.

Your Truck’s Tires

It isn’t just about properly inflating your car tires, the threads matter too. If your truck has missing thread or low thread depth that could possibly a big problem. So before you get on the road,  fix them.

If it seems you’re always having issues with your truck tires, it’s important you confirm you’re using the right kind of tires for your truck.

Axle alignment is also important because if it is misaligned, it could cause frequent wear of your tires.

Phoenix Diesel and repairs is glad to help you with your truck repairs. We will answer questions you have about your truck. We understand that the last thing you want is a breakdown on the go. We will help you avoid that.

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