6 Hidden Reasons Why Your Diesel Engine is Overheating

//6 Hidden Reasons Why Your Diesel Engine is Overheating

6 Hidden Reasons Why Your Diesel Engine is Overheating

Overheating in a diesel engine is a serious problem that requires immediate attention. Well, overheating in any machinery does.  Ignoring the signs that your diesel engine is overheating will cause quick damage to the components of your engine . For your vehicle to be road worthy again, an observant eye, a keen mind and even a trip to a mechanic are required.

Knowledge of what will cause your vehicle to overheat is essential in identifying the problem quickly. When your Diesel engine overheats, it is likely any of the following issues are at play.

Diesel engine

Diesel engine

#1 Faulty Cooling Fan

The cooling fan in your vehicle is of absolute importance in maintaining the temperature of your engine. The fan cools the radiator, which in turn cools the water flowing in it. If the fan isn’t functioning, the temperature will rise to dangerous levels. Sometimes fault in electrical circuit will stop the fan from working. Check that all the connections are secure. Other times the fault may be within the fan and it may need replacement.

#2 Coolant Leaks

Coolant is circulated through your engine to cool it down when it’s in operation. A loss in coolant means poor cooling and this doesn’t bode well for your vehicle. If you notice coolant leaking from your engine, it may be as a result of cracks in the gasket. Your vehicle will need proper examination and repairs from a mechanic.

#3 Corrosive Coolant

Sometimes the problem could arise from the coolant itself. Failure to replace the coolant with manufacturer approved coolant regularly will cause it get corrosive. This will corrode the tubes and whatever the coolant comes in contact with. At this point, the coolant doesn’t perform the way it should.

#4 Broken Radiator Hose

Water flowing into your radiator may leak if your radiator hose is broken. This loss of water leads to poor cooling. You may easily spot this problem, but you’ll need to take your car to a mechanic to replace the hose. Not only will they replace the radiator hose, they will check your vehicle to ensure no harm has been done to your cooling system as a result of the broken hose.

#5 Broken/Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat regulates the activities of your cooling system. If the thermostat is broken or faulty, the cooling system will not perform optimally. The cooling system won’t be initiated as it’s supposed to, leading to the build of heat in your engine.

#6 Clogs in Your Diesel Injectors

When clogs are present in your injectors, fuel will not be released at the proper rate and proportion. This causes your engine to work harder to compensate for the inadequacy. And when your engine overworks, it generates more heat – more heat than your cooling system can manage. Consequently overheating.

With the right tools, you can solve some of these problems yourself. But if you’re unsure of what to do, take your vehicle to a diesel engine mechanic . They will easily solve these problems and give you some pointers to avoid overheating in the future.

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